Security Consulting And Training

Joe Bertoni provides consulting and training services to various types of security groups and organizations, specializing in the resort and casino industry.  Working as a specialist in the resort industry, Joe is able to provide cutting edge solutions to problems, reduce liability, and provide advanced training to security team members. Joe provides the resort industry with customized training and has created various, unique training programs to fit their individualized needs. 


Joe Bertoni

Joe Bertoni

In the resort industry, security plays a large role in the safety and success of the organization.

Security staff needs to be able to provide effective security for the organization and for the guests, and at the same time be able to provide outstanding customer service.  This can only be done through ongoing review of current polices and procedures, constant evaluation of the security department, and advanced training as needed.

Whether your security staff is in need of advanced training in a specific topic, a review of security services, problem solving assistance, internal communication analysis, or guidance in any area, Joe Bertoni and his associates can assist your organization with your security consulting and training needs. 

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